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D. Scott Blair

About D. Blair

About me

        I am committed to helping my injured clients get through a difficult, and at times, an overwhelming process with the least amount of hassle possible. When you are in pain, the last thing you want to deal with are pushy adjusters who are trying to tell you how fast you ought to heal from your injuries, or try to make you feel guilty because their insured caused these problems for you. When dealing with my office, we go out of our way to take all this off your plate so you can just get better and know that you are protected in the process. I love what I do, and it shows not just in the results we get for our clients, but in the way we help and relate to our clients.


        Insurers willl always ask for a jury trial so they can try to manipulate jurors into thinking you are trying to get something for nothing. They have done a fine job of using their resources to make the public believe that most regular folks who are injured are presenting bogus claims. This is simply not true. The  Insurance Commissioners Association of America has studied this issue and concluded that only 3 percent of injury claims involve fraud. However, insurers know that through their efforts they have molded public opinion to believe it is closer to 50-70 percent of cases involve fraud or over reaching. This why they always insist on a jury trial, because judges know better. This is also why you need an attorney who tries cases to juries regularly and knows the value of using the whole truth in the courtroom! And won't just settle the case quick and cheap to avoid going to trial.


        Juries are too smart to fool with tricks or clever arguments. Your attorney has to come to trial armed with the truth, and has to earn the trust of the jury in presenting your case to the jury. Otherwise, you will be placed in that 50-70 percent category and face an up hill battle in your fight for justice.


        My firm is committed to representing our clients with trust, integrity, honesty, compassion and courage. We welcome the opportunity to help clients who have been hurt through the actions of others who don't want to accept responsibility for their actions. Please feel free to call us for a consultation. Scott Blair

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