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Veronica A. Freitas

About Veronica Freitas

About me

My practice focuses on family law  and  divorce.  I have  an LLM in taxation which is very useful when assessing the property and financial aspects of cases and when drafting settlement documents.  I also have a background in criminal law. I spent several years working as a public defender during which time I gained invaluable court room experience trying high profile criminal cases.  My criminal and estate planning background compliment and provide depth to my family law practice.  My experience, combined with my knowledge of family law, lends me a unique perspective when advising clients.

My criminal background is advantageous in many family law matters, particularly those where criminal allegations are pending, or domestic violence is alleged and protection orders are being sought. 

My philosophy is to negotiate where possible, but not to waste my client’s time and money trying to reach agreement when none is forthcoming.  I am not anxious to litigate over every issue, but I am very qualified and competent in those instances where a court appearance or trial is necessary.