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Catherine Victorino’s reviews

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  • The best

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Cate was instrumental in getting my divorce done fast, on fair terms and in a very cost-effective way—everything I wanted.
    Cate has unique combination of skills—trained lawyer and financial adviser, with deep understanding of human psychology and how to get things done. But probably the most important, she is your loyal friend and wise adviser/partner when you really need it—during the divorce.
    I’m very lucky that I've met Cate (it was by referral). Now I want to help others to reclaim their lives—finalize your divorce and start living!

  • Choose no other...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    I find no other way to write this review than to make it personal, because that is the relationship you end up having with Ms. Victorino.

    First, I am not related to Cate in any other way than as a client. This is one client that hopes to return favor!

    I know I gave her outstanding marks...but she deserves all of them and I welcome any contact or questions you may have, if you are considering her as your lawyer and offer that to Cate for all she has done for me and my kids.

    I recommend Cate because she didn't just see me from a professional standpoint as "a client"...I believe it became personal with her as well.

    She wanted to help me not only get a fair result (at a minimum) but get through a very painful divorce.

    I can't tell you all the emails and phone calls I made to her...but she always responded quickly and gave my much more of her personal time than I would have got elsewhere to help me understand and DEAL with a pending divorce.

    Not long after contacting Cate, I soon felt she was not only my lawyer...but that she also treated me like a friend (with much welcomed, and experienced advice).

    She encouraged me to kept the process clean...even when initially I wanted to respond (in kind) to the the route the opposition chose to go.

    She showed class and professionalism and I soon felt I had a very respectable lawyer on my side.

    That's not to say she didn't empathize with me (which I needed as well)...but in the end her approach I think affected my getting a MUCH better outcome than either of us could ever have expected!

    Eventually, when it came to mediating (with the opposition's choice of mediator)...I believe he too saw the differences between the two lawyer's style...I have to believe that made an impact as well with the final result.

    She always told me what to expect...she didn't sugar coat anything.

    Then we tried AS A TEAM to get a better outcome from separation all the way to the final divorce decree and I am happy to say did MUCH better than I could have ever hoped.

    The opposition thought "The more you spend...the more you get".

    She got a law firm lawyer who cost much more, was less experienced AND professional, who "nickle and dimed" my her lawyer tried her best to drag this all the way to trial with even more fees/expenses!

    If you help Cate help you even a little bit, then paralegals and big law office practices (and EXPENSE) are basically unnecessary. She does a great job in preparing, and will work well with you to best represent you as her client.

    You get personalized, professional attention you will never get from a law firm that only sees you as one of MANY clients to pay for their overhead.

    Understand, Cate listens to her clients. She'll give you her professional advise...but proceeds with your wishes after she is sure you understand the risks.

    I know you will be MUCH better off with Cate in the end if for no other reason than what was learned through my experiences and the results.

    I had dealt with an injury lawyer in the past. This is also the second round for our going down the path towards divorce, where previously I dealt with a law team and mediator...but this is the first I've taken the time to write a comment about my lawyer...because she deserves this praise and so much more!

    I really can't say enough good things about Cate. You will be happy with choosing her as your lawyer.

    I hope she refers any potential clients to speak to me directly if you are unsure and want more details!

  • Recommendation for Washington's Best Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ed

    As everyone knows, divorce is not easy on families. In times of crisis, like divorce, you need an experienced, no nonsense, "tell it like it is" attorney. I found that in Catherine. She always, always put my best interests at heart first and when I didn't feel like fighting for my rights, she fought for me. Catherine was always there, ready to help, empowering me to make tough life changing choices and was with me every step of the way. She puts her clients first always, listens, gives good sound legal advice and genuinely cares about her clients. With her, you are not just another bill rate. Catherine is the best. Highly, highly recommended.