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Alex Bretzer Ferguson

Alex Ferguson’s Legal Guides

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  • How Will Hiring an Attorney Help Your Case?

    Injured persons with proper representation invariably get vastly better settlements than persons who represent themselves. Attorneys are experts whose job it is to anticipate pitfalls and handle your case in the most efficient manner possible. If you hire a good attorney, your cl...

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  • Tips for Dealing with Insurance Claims

    Navigating insurance claims can be challenging and frustrating. It is important to keep in mind that auto insurance is a for-profit industry. The other drivers insurance company (the third party insurer) has absolutely no incentive to compensate you for your injuries. Your own in...

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  • A Guide for Auto Accident Victims

    The first thing anyone involved in a car accident needs to do is call the police. You may well be injured and confused and it is important to have a professional come to the scene to help you work through what needs to happen. Furthermore, a police officer is trained to identify ...

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