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Timothy Aurelien Bearb

Timothy Bearb’s reviews

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  • A Class Act

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elisa

    It never occurred to me that I might find myself in a position to write a review for someone who couldn't further pursue my case. Timothy is an exception.

    Timothy put forth energy to really look carefully at all the aspects of my situation. He takes full advantage of every available resource and his judgment is sound. HIs experience dealing with insurance companies is evident, and I imagine his skills have been put to the test many times.

    Legal proceedings can be emotionally taxing on people. Particularly when you are already feeling vulnerable and mistreated by a giant corporation. In his area of work, that's a daily path I imagine he must travel with his clients. For lack of a better analogy, it's like having a tour guide to help you steer clear of dark alleys where someone might hurt you. That's what he does.

    I have an expectation that people - in general - will display a certain amount of courtesy to anyone they meet. What I don't always expect is that other people inherently have high standards of personal integrity, trustworthiness, and compassion. Timothy was a refreshing surprise in that regard. I had encountered others for which I could not say the same.

    I'm happy to have met him. And if I ever find myself in a situation where someone is looking for an attorney practicing personal injury and insurance law... I will direct them to him without any hesitation whatsoever.

    Consulted attorney
  • Sunset Place

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brett Kahl

    The immediate call to action, dedication to the critical task, integrity of character and loyalty to me as a client gave my experience working with Timothy and his very hard working team peace of mind and confidence without the anxiety and fear that comes with second guessing your decision to hire a professional. Never did I doubt the capability of the process nor was I ever made to feel accountable if parts of my case were not the perfect scenario or I fell short of some technical part of my case. Tim knows when to exercise patience but then know how to keep the timelines and project on time with the milestones. The resourcefulness and competence of Tim and his team rise above issues where past experience may have left me feel deflated or defeated. I highly recommend Timothy not only for his hard-work, dedication, honesty and integrity but he is a really neat guy to know. Personable and a real family man, he gets it. Your not working with a stuffy insensitive stoic attorney, your working with a friend and an advocate who really does understand. I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to have worked with Olive/Bearb attorneys office.


  • Terrific Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristine

    I would absolutely refer Timothy to all of my friends and family members. I really can’t express how thankful I am that he took my case. We moved 4 times in 8 months after my insurance denied my claim. He negotiated a settlement with my insurance company that will allow me to rebuild my home and my life. He was truly a Godsend.

  • Auto insurance attempting to deny coverage for accident

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Allan

    My experience as Mr. Bearb’s client has been %100 positive. He is very knowledgeable on WA state insurance matters and was able to clearly lay out all my options and their potential outcomes as we went along – including helpful visual aids. The end result of Mr. Bearb’s interaction with my insurer has been their complete support and backing. I would highly recommend his services.

  • Survey

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Insurance client

    Attorney Tim has help my family to get the most out of my insurance policy. He was amazing during the mediation process that we have to go through. He and his team has prepare us well to enter the mediation. I highly recommend attorney Tim for those that having problem with their home insurance policies. I encourage those that have deny by insurance to seek justice with Tim on their home policy.
    Thanks Tim,