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Tara Katherine Richardson

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  • Ex-wife starting pattern of not involving me in shared decisions impacting sons in school and counseling

    Although our Parenting Agreement clearly states that school and medical decisions are to be shared my ex-wife has twice in the past 6 months excluded me from initiating school changes and counseling sessions for my sons. Honestly I cannot say I d...

    Tara’s Answer

    Since it appears your parenting plan requires joint decision making on educational and medical decisions, you have two avenues to attempt to resolve the problem you are having. The first avenue is to engage in the dispute resolution process set forth in your parenting plan. The second avenue would be to file a motion for contempt since she is violating the plan provisions by not including you in the joint decision making process. However, since as you say you do not ultimately disagree with the decisions themselves but rather want your former spouse to include you and honor your agreement, the dispute resolution process will likely yield more positive results for you.

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