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Stephen Hayes Carpenter JR

Stephen Carpenter’s Legal Guides

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  • Military Defense 101: The AWOL Case

    Proactive Measures Key to Getting Great Results Under Article 86, UCMJ, servicemembers who "(1) fail to go to his appointed place of duty at a time prescribed; (2) goes from that place; or (3) absents himself or remains absent from his unit, organization, or place of duty at whic...

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  • Court-Martial Clemency Options

    A Board of Last Resort: Army Clemency and Parole Board (ACPB) The ACPB is empowered by the Secretary of the Army to hear clemency issues. This 5-member board decides whether or not the soldier might

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  • Courts-Martial and Service Members' Rights

    Courts-Martial and The Right to Counsel In the military your right to an attorney is much broader than in the civilian sector. Service-members charged with a crime are automatically detailed a milita

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