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Seth Edward Millstein

About Seth Millstein

About me

I handle a range of civil litigation matters.  All of them involve contracts, to some degree.  I try to help clients resolve their disputes; then I work with the client to plan ahead so that they can avoid disputes next time around.  I realize it's still a tough economy.  So I really strive to be as practical as possible. Running my own firm allows me to be incredibly flexible, and work towards the best solution possible.  I don't have a lot of overhead, so I can focus on each client and not worry about making my "numbers" for each month.  It might sound trite, but I think of each client as if he or she were a friend or a member of my family, and I look at each situation candidly -- good, bad or ugly -- so that we can to the most practical decision about what steps make sense. And of course, which do not.  

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