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City of Woodinville v. W.K. Case No.: Y12094028 WDV

Case Conclusion Date: 11.01.2012

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty and Dismissal of Count 2

Description: Client was charged with Furnishing Liquor to a Minor and Disorderly Conduct. The client was alleged to have given two "Four Loco" drinks to a minor inside his home with two other minors present. He was alleged to have engaged in assaultive behavior with the minor, chased him to his home and kicked on his front door while threatening to fight. Numerous police arrived, hogtied client and threw him into the backseat of the patrol vehicle. A jury rendered a verdict of Not Guilty on the Furnishing Liquor to a Minor charge and Guilty on the Disorderly. After Seattle Defense Attorney, Nate Webb, argued the City's instructions to the jury were incorrect at the sentencing hearing, the court agreed and the guilty verdict on the Disorderly Conduct was set aside and charge dismissed.

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