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Mark S Britton

Mark Britton’s Legal Guides

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  • Ten Legal Pitfalls Startups Should Avoid

    Here are 10 pitfalls that often cause startups legal trouble. A penny of legal proactivity in each of these areas will offer a pound of protection as your business matures.

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  • The Rights of Mothers and Soon-to-be Moms in the Workplace

    Ah, the work/life balance. For many women, this should be called the "work/mommy" balance, because after working all day and being a mommy all night, there is little else to balance. Moreover, most women find the work/mommy "balance" to be more like being drawn and quartered -- p...

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  • Tough Employment Times: Know Your Rights

    In these tough economic times, many people are losing and worried about losing their jobs. Most employers are very responsible and will retain every performing employee possible but that is not always the case. There are myriad stories (and lawsuits) where companies laid-off or ...

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  • Airline Passengers' Rights

    Most people are certain that they have airline passengers' rights, but are less certain about what those rights are, and what they include. Unfortunately, passengers' rights currently are a myth. Befo

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