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Joshua M King

Joshua King’s Legal Guides

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  • Selling a business: the sales memorandum

    A sales memorandum is a document business sellers prepare to market their business to potential buyers. An investment banker or business broker can help you produce a sales memorandum, but if you decide to go it alone then here is a broad outline of the details the document shou...

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  • How to Choose the Right Mesothelioma Lawyer

    Mesothelioma ( is a particularly virulent form of cancer caused by exposure to asb

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  • How to Plan a Safe Holiday Party

    It's holiday party time; time to celebrate family, friends and good cheer. Unfortunately, a whopping 50% of all holiday traffic fatalities are related to alcohol consumption. Here are some tips on playing it safe this year as a party host or guest. Hosting a Holiday Party Planni...

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  • Five Common Mistakes When Choosing a Lawyer

    Mistake #1 - Not Doing the Research Up Front You need to know what legal issues are involved in your problem - not only so that you can ask the right questions when interviewing lawyers, but also so

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  • How to Choose the Right Attorney When Starting a Business

    Direct Experience Matters Most Not just any lawyer can help you form your business. Even if your venture is very straightforward, make sure the attorney you choose has experience in getting business

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  • How to Lower the Cost of Start-Up Angel Round Funding

    You’ve Got Investors Interested: What Next? Once you have investors lined up - whether it's your rich uncle Fred or experienced angel investors - the terms of the financing must be documented. Besid

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