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Jennifer Cannon-Unione

Jennifer Cannon-Unione’s Answers

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  • Do i need a personal injury lawyer?

    i was recently involved in a rearend collision i had to seek medical attention the other drivers insurance agent said that because my car is registered in another state that they will not pay my medical expenses is that true?

    Jennifer’s Answer

    First, take a look at your own insurance to see if you have what's called personal injury protection coverage (PIP). If you do then PIP will pay for your medical bills regardless of fault. If you do not have PIP, then you will need to have your private insurance pay.

    Given that you are injured, you need to make sure you take care of yourself. This includes following up with treatment as recommended by your doctor. Once you are completed treatment, then you should be able to submit your bills to the insurance company representing the "at fault" driver. If this insurance company has accepted liability for their driver, then they will compensate you for your medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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  • Do I need a personal injury lawyer? If so, who do I sue?

    MVA head on collision. Reponsible party died. Work Comp is paying as accident happened while on the job. One co-worker dead. 4 others injured as well as myself. Filed claim with other party insurance. i suffered broken femur, head laceration, and ...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    I agree, you should absolutely speak with an attorney. If you are looking for recommendations, I suggest you call Eberstein and Witherite at 888-407-6669 in Dallas.

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