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Jennifer Cannon-Unione

About Jennifer Cannon-Unione

About me

My Clients: I understand that for many of my clients the legal process can be daunting during one of the most difficult times of their lives. With that in mind, I have a tremendous amount of compassion for their situations and the struggles they are enduring. To serve them best I listen to their stories carefully, use my experiences and knowledge of the law, and I fight for their justice.

My Caseload: To ensure personal and thorough legal representation for my clients, I keep my caseload at a level that allows me to spend the necessary time to give each client the individual attention that each individual case requires. Working hard on client cases results in extremely beneficial resolutions.

My Practice: I limit my practice to only criminal defense and personal injury cases. That focus has enabled me to acquire in-depth knowledge and extensive experiences in both areas of the law.  Armed with those legal skills I can provide exceptional legal representation for the cases I handle.

My Experience:  As an attorney with many years of experience in both criminal law and personal injury, I have successfully represented clients charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes in Federal, Superior, District, and Municipal courts throughout the Puget Sound area.  To my clients, I promise and then make sure that they get the best possible resolution for their cases. 

My many years of experience trying cases and working on behalf of big insurance companies have provided me with immeasurable knowledge of personal injury cases and insurance law. That knowledge and experience enables me to provide my clients with the legal expertise they deserve, and in turn, results in higher settlements from insurance companies.

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