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Jeffrey David Cohen

Jeffrey Cohen’s Answers

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  • Can a prosecutor begin plea bargain offers before any charges have been filed?

    My husband has been in jail since 8-1-12 after being arrested to outstanding warrants. Since his arrest police were trying to build a case against him for unrelated crimes. At this time he hasn't had any new charges added, however, his public defe...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    Absolutely. In fact, to the extent that a case is negotiated in advance of the actual filing, it lessens the amount of work that a prosecutor has to do and serves as an incentive for them to resolve the case.

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  • A friend's wife is in the hospital with seizures and confusion, and a nurse noticed cuts and bruises, and reported to APS.

    Now it is being investigated, and they refuse to let my friend speak to his wife until the investigation is done. He has not been charged, and no one has called him. He cannot get the APS to return his calls, and her regular physician, who is awar...

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    Your friend needs to be concerned about conversing with APS and the medical staff as anything he says may end up being used against him. While he wants information regarding his wife, and obviously wants to speak with her, he needs to be cognizant of the fact that the authorities are likely looking at him as the individual responsible for her injuries. In my experience, while APS may duck his phone calls, they are somewhat more reluctant to not respond to an attorney representing him.

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