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Hardeep S Rekhi

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  • American disabilty act and employers in wa state

    I work for a large corp in Wa State. I have have a couple of disabilities that have made me ill over the past few years. Recently this past July I was out on FMLA until late Oct. My Dr's have been working very hard to get me well and keep me well....

    Hardeep’s Answer

    Yes. There are numerous laws that protect you. First, as you mentioned there is FMLA leave. Second, there is medical leave available under Washington law. These two separate laws should be viewed as to create two separate leave banks. Most of the time, an event requiring leave will deplete both leave banks. Sometimes, however, an event may qualify to deplete one bank but not the other. From your post, it seems you probably depleted both banks.

    While on FMLA leave, your employer may not retaliate against you, or interfere with your right to take leave. Threats of terminating or false accusations of performance issues are unlawful. However, additional facts are needed.

    There is also, in addition to leave laws, state and federal laws requiring an employer to make reasonable accommodations for disability. You should inform your employer if such an accommodation is needed. Again, an employer may not retaliate against you for requesting a reasonable accommodation.

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  • Sexual harassment

    I had a consenaul relationship with a fellow employee that was harassing me. Can I still file a harassment claim?

    Hardeep’s Answer

    The basic background of the law is provided above. If the consensual relationship ended and there were unwelcome advancements a claim may exist. The problem is that these cases can be diffifult to win because of the fact that a consensual relationship existed.

    Regardless no man or woman should be subjected to such treatment and should follow the anti-harrassment policies of the workplace. If your employer does not promptly and effectivly remedy the harrassment then you should seek legal counsel.

    Your time to report this activity to federal or local enforcement agencies may be very short so you should act promptly.

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  • Wrongful termination

    After 5 years at a company with excellent reviews, I was injured. I was back at work the same day with restrictions. The next day i was told they couldn't accomadate my injury and I was put on L and I. A month later I was told that I was fired for...

    Hardeep’s Answer

    In this state is unlawful to terminate an employee for reporting an on-the-job injury and seeking workers' compensation. It is called worker's compensation retaliation. With the facts presented here I would suggest speaking to an attorney that works on these types of cases.

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  • Age discrimination / retaliation

    in january i formally notified my employer that i believed i was being denied a salary increase because of my age (51). that same day, i was locked out of my email and computer system, a younger employee was promoted into the terminal manager posi...

    Hardeep’s Answer

    I suggest seeking out an attorney quickly. An attorney can advise you about your rights and help guide you through the EEOC process. Also it would be a good idea to gather your thoughts and put them to paper so you remember details clearly when speaking to an attorney.

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