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Frances Turean

About Frances Turean

About me

I am a solo family law practitioner in King County, helping my clients through a difficult part of their lives. This involves anything from divorce, parenting plans, child support, paternity actions, third party custody actions and agreed adoptions, usually by step-parents or grandparents. The only reason I went to law school was to practice Family Law. It's the most likely area of law in which a person will be engaged, and I wanted to help people. I got my wish, love my practice, and have met some very cool clients and colleagues.

Prior to going solo, I had the pleasure of working for 10 years for one of the pillars of Western Washington Family Law, who was a fabulous mentor: Bob Prince. It was an honor to work for one of the most ethical attorneys I know.

Law is my second career; the first one was 16 years in broadcast video production, working in TV stations in Montana and Washington, producing news, commercials and local programming. I even won an Emmy!



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