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Douglas Lee Burdette

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  • Hello to all attorneys who handle Defamation cases in Washington state. My daughter served me with an Order for Protection..

    Hello...My daughter served me with an Order for Protection (but the court changed it to Order for Anti-Harassment) because I gave her Christmas gifts in Dec. 2009, and sat in on a Nutrition class that she was enrolled in at a local college. She h...

    Douglas’s Answer

    My former partner, Paul Fogarty, has done two very significant defamation cases in the past two years. In fact, he is just now completing the settlement of the most recent one involving false statements made about a day care center. His e-mail is; his phone number is 206-441-0172. I am sure he would provide an free consultation to you. Lee Burdette.

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  • Thought my wife's attorney paid all med bills with money from settlement. 5 years later, her wages are being garnished by Dr.

    My wife was in a bad accident. We hired a PI attorney who successfully settled the case and we thought everything was done. 5 years later her wages started being garnished. It turns out that a Dr who provided services never got paid. He received a...

    Douglas’s Answer

    You should have received a disbursement letter from the attorney stating what bills would be paid out of the settlement. It sometimes happens that the attorney is unaware of some bills. If the attorney later learned that a bill was due, in my view he or she should have at least called you. With regard to the service of the summons and complaint for the collection action, service is proper if it is left with any person of suitable age at your residence. I would get a copy of the affidavit of service and see what it says. You may still be able to set aside the judgment if there was not proper service. I also question how a $1,000 obligation could get to $3000. Even at 12% interest (typical for doctors), that would only get to about $1800 in five years. I'd get an explanation of that as well. It's probably mostly collection fees.

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