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Cynthia F Buhr

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  • Gay marriage

    I've heard that some states now allow gay people to marry. As a transgendered couple (I used to be a male, and my significant other used to be a female), can we go to one of those states, get married, and then move back to Nebraska where my emplo...

    Cynthia’s Answer

    Massachusetts is currently the only state that allows gay people to marry. If you get married in Massachsuetts, there is no assurance that any other state has to recognize your marriage, whether for the purpose of divorcing, offering benefits or otherwise. However, if you were both born of the opposite sex/gender than the other, it is possible that you can get married in Nebraska if you haven't changed your birth certificate. This would not be a gay marriage but presumed to be a heterosexual marriage. It is also possible that you could marry in Nebraska if you each were able to get your birth certificates changed to your current identified sex/gender. I recommend contacting a local attorney regarding Nebraska law surrounding these issues.

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