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Amir John Showrai

Amir Showrai’s reviews

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  • I hired this attorney for my divorce and he failed to perform even the basics of his job.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I lost my case due to Lawyer incompetency errors and lack of Trial preparation by him, goes through the motions well but he failed to file anything on time or properly for the court, so I got no consideration in divorce, stress, anxiety, depression. At 53 my own Lawyer financially wiped me out, I lost custody too, how often does that happen to a good mother? Due to Mr. Showrai's actions or
    lack of action I have no trust in him as a divorce attorney.

    Hired attorney
  • Outstanding Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ben

    If you have legal problems, it's going to cost money to fix them. 8 years ago I had no understanding of how to choose an attorney and I've made mistakes, that cost me more money that it should have. I hired attorney's that really had their act together. Pretended to care and pretended to work hard on my problems. But now looking back on it all they were doing was just enough to bill me for their time, so they could earn their living and move on to the next client. And whether they helped me or not really didn't matter to them. As long as I paid them they were happy to keep taking my money.

    Then I met Amir John Showrai, an attorney who really does care about his clients problems and is willing to do whatever he can do to help solve those problems. Over the years I've seen him pull all nighter marathon sessions both for me and for his other clients. This is a sign of an attorney who is really on your side, when they are dedicated enough to sacrifice their own time to work on your legal problems. Amir John Showrai will work as hard as he can to solve your legal issues.

    Not all attorneys are the same in the court room in front of the judge either. Some attorney's stand in front of the judge and just ready text they prepared the day before. Amir John Showrai will have your case prepared and be able to think on his feet when presenting it to the judge, because he's not reading your case to the judge he's fighting for legal position as if it was his own that he was defending.

    No one can make a judge or the legal system decide in your favor. The best you can hope for is that your attorney does the best job possible fighting to make the best outcome in your favor. Over the last 8 years Amir John Showrai has done that for me as well as for his many other clients.

  • Efficient and effective!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rose

    Mr. Showrai was very helpful in guidingme through my legal issue. I found him very patient with me when I had a lot of questions to get answers for. He was knowledgeable and able to explain the process and results at the level I was comfortable understanding. I found him to be professional and efficient. I was able to have access to talk to him when I called. If he wasn't able to talk to me at the time I called, he returned my call in a timely fashion. I would definitely use Mr. Showrai again!

  • incapable of handling divorce cases

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Misrepresented my case, not prepared, did not meet court deadlines, did not care, no week end work done, not available even when deadlines demand extra work, does not mediate, stretches out family cases, mis-represents his billings and charges, does not provide monthly billing, does not counter in court, does not object in court, speaking for my self would have been better in my case. Gets distracted and losses focus in court easily. Speaks well out of court, then you will be disappointed with his effort when you finally get to see a judge. I believe he through my case intentionally, incompetent or unethical? Unethical.

  • He is professional, understanding and helped me throughout difficult times that I would have rather not gone through

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alana

    I have worked with Mr. Amir John Showrai off and on for two years. He has helped me through the process of my divorce as well helped me through a move relocation case. He is professional, understanding and helped me throughout difficult times that I would have rather not gone through. I completely recommend him to anyone that is going through a divorce. Throughout the process and many emails he educated me on how to deal with an ex-husband and how to communicate properly. When working with him he treated me with respect and I truly believe he put himself in my shoes which allowed him to be sensitive to what I was going through. I am forever appreciative for all that he has done for me. Thank you.

  • Strongly Recommended!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    Amir John Showrai handled my divorce case with expediency, accuracy and confidence. His handling of sensitive matters was professional and decisive. Amir John is honest, caring and very upfront with expectations which helped immeasurably in dealing with the stress of my case.
    He was able to navigate the troubled waters and help settle the case with sensible conclusions and amicable agreements.

    I fully recommend Amir John Showrai for his outstanding skill as a lawyer and genuine care as a compassionate human being. He is one person I would want in my corner, at all times!

  • Poor Represenation, Unresponsive, Unprepared

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    You should not hire him even if he pays you.

    He came completely unprepared and late to court. He made all these bogus statements that he will put the opposing party on stand and would question them and trap them. He will make all these bogus pompous statements about his ability as a lawyer.

    You are better off fighting your own case if you can't find anyone else. He will estimate X and charge you 10X. He will take weeks to respond to your emails or phone calls. Mind you, he has no support in his office no paralegal and it is frustrating experience. He will leave in the dark and you expect a lot as his conversations may be good but he is extremely nervous in court his brain freezes and many a times the judges will tell him too late you should have objected sooner or you should know better how things are done if you have any experience.

    He will make you work hard on providing honest information to opposing but he is completely incapable in getting anything from the other side. Late/fails on filing subpoenas, documents etc. Will not keep you informed. STAY AWAY

  • Lawyer who walks the difficult path with you.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Arti

    Mr. Showrai is a very thorough, diligent lawyer. He is a very nice human being to the core. Yes, I know I am talking about a divorce lawyer. He is honest and upfront. He does not try to make a show or give you false hopes. He sincerely will work for you. He will work crazy hours to get the job done.
    His idea of being a divorce attorney is to help his clients and impact their lives to have a better living. If only he can get more responsive there would be no negative points. But you don't get everything right! He is very professional and knows exactly what his job is. When going through divorce one can get really difficult to work with. Mr. Showrai knows how to walk this path with you. He knows when he can help and knows very well when he needs to step aside. :) He is great!
    I think he is very bold and will speak up for his client very skillfully.
    I have talked to a few other lawyers and they all unanimously have the same compliments for Mr. Showrai’s slightly delayed but thorough responses. 

  • The Best!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maddy

    Amir John Showrai has represented me on three cases over the last three years, one that has gone to court, regarding family law and landlord / tenant law primarily. He has also provided numerous consultations regarding minor law-related questions. This is what I have to say about Amir John:

    Amir John is not only very understanding and compassionate, he takes the time necessary to communicate effectively with you. His time is invaluable and yet - he offers it freely to build his client relationships. It tugs at my heart strings to know there are people out there who operate on the level that he does.

    I can also say about Amir John, that he will get behind you with the power of a thousand horses and really shake down the other guy. He cares AND at the same time, he is like a dog with a bone!

    Absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt, yes - If I hear of anyone needing legal assistance I will certainly refer them to Amir John Showrai.

  • Highly Recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Yves

    Falling in love is usually unplanned and often times what follows is unplanned also. While traveling through the USA, I met a great guy who at the end of a multi month road trip together, pre-posed to me, and I boldly accepted - without thinking too much of the complexities involved, such as living on the opposite sides of the globe from each other.

    Where this is a will there is a way they say, and for my husband and I much of it was love and will, but we owe a huge show of gratitude to a wonderful man we were lucky enough to cross paths with, the lawyer who walked us through the complex process of USA Immigration laws, Amir John Showrai.

    As I was struggling with the paperwork for immigration, reading the fine print on so many forms that it soon came clear to me that I was going to require some assistance from someone who was well versed in USA Immigration law.

    I was already online trying to work through what Immigration required when I came across a page that could connect me with a lawyer who could help me and as fate would have it I left my details with 2 of these sites and within a couple of hours, Amir John Showrai had contacted me and was such an immediate welcome relief.

    As I spoke with him, I already felt less stressed. We discussed our situation and Amir John gave me a general idea of costs involved and basic timelines and possible hiccups that could come up and how to handle them including managing the costs involved, (although very reasonable), over time for those of us struggling a little more than others.

    Thankfully we decided to go ahead and work with Amir John Showrai and believe it was one of the best decisions we could ever have made. He helped walk us through the process from working visas to permanent residency cards, joined us for our appointments with immigration and even when we had to move out of state, twice through the process, Amir John continued to be a professional yet friendly assistance throughout the process.

    I am now a permanent resident and would have no absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amir John Showrai to assist in the Immigration Processes.