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Michele G Pearson

About Michele Pearson

About me

I wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age, and actually won my first case long before I ever went to law school and passed the bar exam.  In the mid seventies, I was forced to represent myself in small claims court against a landlord who had stopped payment on a return of deposit check that he had given me when I moved out.  Recently widowed and with an infant daughter, I was faced with a shortfall my budget could not tolerate.  I prepared my case after reading up on the procedures, armed myself with signed affidavits, important documents, and brought two witnesses, whom I examined for the judge.  When it was all over, and he ruled that I should be paid what I was seeking, he said from the bench, "You should be a lawyer." 


Many years later, after serving in marketing and sales positions for major companies, I did just that.  My very first set of cases were due to the E.Coli poisoning of eight clients here in Seattle, and though the case was arduous, with over 50 depositions in just one summer, the outcome was very positive. 


Since then, I have represented clients for severe injuries resulting from faulty products, professional negligence, and car crashes, as well as premises liability on business and personal property.  My clients tell me that my style of preparation for litigation in all of its stages gives them a sense of comfort as they face the process. 


I now have the distinct pleasure of assisting other lawyers in learning new techniques as an Instructor at the Keenan Ball Trial College, which was created by Don Keenan, a prominent national attorney based in Atlanta, and his partner, David Ball Ph.D., one of our country's leading trial consultants.


Representing individuals and their families since 1977, we always have been committed to seeking justice for our clients. We handle a wide range of civil matters, large or small. From insurance disputes to serious personal injury claims, The Pearson Law Firm has the experience you deserve.


We have proudly and successfully served injured parties and their families throughout the Northwest. Not only have we won cases for clients in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Arizona, we’ve also built strong, ongoing relationships and associations with attorneys across the United States and Canada.


Our clients and their treating doctors remain our main source of referrals, a reflection of the service we continually attempt to improve, but a compliment that continues to humble us nevertheless.



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