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Hussein Karmali

Hussein Karmali’s Answers

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  • If I received a ticket in March of last year does the deferral start the day I got the ticket or when they approved my Deferral?

    recieved a moving infraction and I am curious if it's one year from the date of the ticket or the date the deferral was approved?

    Hussein’s Answer

    The deferral starts from the day the deferral was approved.

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  • Is there a way I can set up a paymet plan to pay my tickets and fines?

    Is there a way I can set up a payment plan to pay my tickets and fines and to have my license reinstated while I'm paying?

    Hussein’s Answer

    If you visit the Washington State Courts website, you will see that there is a statewide debt reduction/relicensing program among the courts to reduce fines and fees owned to the courts. It appears as if Whatcom County is one of those courts. If you call the appropriate court, they may be able to help you out.

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  • Hi i was caught doing shoplifting and i admited also in a grocery store ny amount of shoplifting was 11$ ,a case is filed agains

    me but my husband is laid off and now we just have 2 weeks left what can i do nw also i dont want my immigration process to be affected pl help

    Hussein’s Answer

    There are a few different ways to resolve this case such as a compromise of misdemeanor or other alternative disposition that could have less of an effect on immigration. This depends on a number of different things such as the facts of your case, past history, where the alleged incident took place, etc. More facts surrounding your case are required.

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