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Lance Rodman Fryrear

About Lance Fryrear

About me

Being charged with a crime is a difficult thing. You may be confused, scared, even a little bit angry. You want someone to stand up for your side, someone to tell you what to do.


My name is Lance Fryrear. I’m a former prosecutor. Call me now at 425-670-9090 for your free consultation. I will identify your best defense and tell you what to do.


You may be asking yourself “Why should I call this guy?” Well, the bottom line is that I know what I’m doing. I paid my dues as a prosecutor for seven years so I know how the system works.


If you have a legal defense, I will find it.  If not, my experience as a prosecutor gives me an edge in trying to keep you out of jail.


Remember, when a prosecutor is trying to put you in jail you need someone on your side who is just as experienced with the system. Many attorneys handle only a handful of cases a year.


Those attorneys are unlikely to have been exposed to all the defenses that can help your case.


I examined thousands of defenses a year as a prosecutor. I will find your best defense.


In addition, when you call for your free consultation, you will also learn:


1)      What you can do today to seriously improve your chances in court

2)      How you can miss less work by getting your first court date waived

3)      What to do to avoid jail pending trial

4)      What sentence you are realistically facing


You’ll also receive a free copy of my report:”10 Things Every Person Charged With A Crime Must Know.” Just pick up the phone and call.


Listen, any criminal charge is a serious matter. You need the best help you can get. There is no obligation. Call now to get the help you need. Call now and I’ll be there for you.

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