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Virginia Ann Leen

Virginia Leen’s Legal Guides

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  • Washington Law Regarding Waste or Dissipation of Assets

    Clients are often dismayed to find that their spouses spent money during the marriage without their consent, and for things that served no benefit to them. Sometimes, a client wants to be reimbursed for these expenditures during a divorce, particularly if the expenditures were fo...

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  • What is Fast Track Divorce?

    How does FastTrack Divorce work? The First Step: First, you and your spouse will pick an attorney from the list of attorneys on the FastrTrack Divorce website. You will receive a packet of forms to d

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  • What is the difference between a legal separation and a dissolution of marriage?

    Waiting periods With a legal separation, there is no 90-day waiting period, unlike a divorce, so this is sometimes a reason why people want a legal separation. A legal separation can be converted t

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