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Howard Eugene Bundy

About Howard Bundy

About me

I am licensed to practice in the State of Washington.  My practice involves mostly franchise law.  I represent franchisors in preparing contracts, disclosure documents and registration applications.  I work with them to try to be sure they know how to comply with the franchise laws and have systems in place to avoid making costly mistakes.

In addition, I represent franchisees--both in helping them to decide whether to invest in a franchise and, if so, how to make the best decision for the client.  Because, unfortunately, not all franchise relationships turn out to be happy, I also represent franchisees in arbitration or litigation with their franchisors. 

Last, but not least, I provide legal services to many small businesses--everything from setting up their entity (corporation, LLC, etc.) to drafting contracts and agreements, to negotiating to deal with either opportunities or problems.  When it is time to buy or sell a business, I am there for my clients. 

I take great pride in trying to provide a high level of quality legal services and to being personally accessible to my clients in their times of need.