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Edward Cranston Harper

Edward Harper’s Legal Guides

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  • Insurance Coverage for out of state vehicles "principally garaged" in the State of Washington

    Vehicles "principally garaged" should be registered and insured here in the State of Washington.

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  • Assumption of Risk defense in State of Washington

    In Washington, there are four separate areas of Assumption of Risk to be discerned First, primary or express assumption of risk is by nature contractual and provides a complete defense to a claim. Im

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  • Analysis of a Personal Injury case and how a Private Investigator may help

    Liability for the damages - Who is at fault? One step to establish the defendant's liability is to establish causation. In low impact cases can be especially difficult when the property damage is le

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  • 10 False Assumptions people make following an accident

    Insurance company and insurance company representatives are on your side. Even if an adjuster seems friendly and works for your own insurance company, they have an agenda to limit claims. Reduction o

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  • 7 Steps to Properly Handle your Personal Injury Claim in Washington

    7 Steps to Properly Handle Your Personal Injury Claim from a motor vehicle collision in Washington 1. Document the collision by maintaining the information you can at the scene. a. Write down all you can as soon as possible after the crash. For example, if someone has admitted f...

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