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William Ralph Levinson

About William Levinson

About me


 I was born in Toronto Canada a long time ago and that is all I am going to speak about age.  My family moved to Washington State in 1967.  I had a green card until I passed the bar and you were required at that time to be an American Citizen to be licensed.    Coming to the States is the second best thing that has happened to me.  Meeting and marrying my wife is the first..

My only claim to faim at the University of Washington was playing freshman baseball and pitching a no-hitter against Olympic Junior College.

I was inspired by JFK to be a lawyer but I never envisioned doing what I do now.

The greatest thing about helping injured people besides helping them is I don't

get paid unless my clients do.

That fact and 42 years of experience gives my clients and I a very, very good chance of being compensated.  The hardest part of what I do is seeing my injured clients go through what they do until the case is over.