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Sara Katherine Wahl

About Sara Wahl

About me

     A divorce is  one of the most difficult experiences a person may go through in their lifetime, much like a death.  Most people want to go through this transition privately and without creating more conflict. I want to help families navigate their divorce in a respectful and healthy way.  It is possible to minimize, if not eliminate, the impact a divorce has on one's children and Collaborative Law encourages this.  Preserving the co-parent relationships moving forward for the benefit of one's children is essential.  Even if one does not have children, Collaborative Law helps the healing process begin in a mutually respectful manner.

     Further, most people would like to make their own decisions in their divorce as they know what is going to work best for their own family; Collaborative divorce supports this.

     Even if Collaborative Law is not the perfect fit for your divorce or family law case, there are many other options rather than traditional litigation. I encourage people to explore all the alternatives to litigation with an experienced attorney and pick something that fits their individual family.

I do not do any litigation cases any longer, but usually the cases do not need to end up in litigation if there are skilled conflict resolution attorneys working on the case.


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