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Jonathan Dichter

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  • The best of the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    I don't even know where to begin. Jonathon has been more than an amazing attorney. I've been in the legal industry for 13 years and I know the difference between good attorneys and not so good attorneys. He is the best and for multiple reasons. When I got charged for a DUI and was scared I decided to interview Jonathon based on ratings and attorneys that I know who knew him. He was great and knowledgable. He also gave me a few other referrals in case I didn't go with him which shows me he cares about clients more than just money like some attorneys. Through the process he was always there, always prepared and more of a friend and a sound voice than I expected. He won my case and I'm confident if I went with someone else they would not have put in the time, effort, and research he did to get me the justice I needed. I was actually impressed at his defense and knowledge. Blown away. If you find yourself in need of a great attorney, I highly recommend Jonathan dichter. Even if I didn't win my case I knew he did everything possible to protect me and cared far more than another attorney would have and my recommendation would still be the same. I couldn't have done it without him and I am forever grateful for the passion and professionalism he put into my case!

    Jonathan Dichter’s response: “Amy - it was a pleasure and an honor defending you. And how awesome was it that we got the whole thing dismissed!”
  • Truly an attorney that becomes your biggest advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tami

    from the very beginning of a very unsettling ordeal, Jonathan put me at ease. He always kept me informed of what to expect and he is highly professional yet very comforting as he understands this is a very hard chapter that you are going through. I never felt like " this is just another case, or this is " just a job" for him. He wants the best results for his clients and he works hard to get you that end result. I could reach him, with whatever question I had, day or night, he responded to it right away. I would often times send him late night emails with questions I would think of and in my subject line I would say " DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS TONIGHT OR EVEN THIS WEEKEND~ WAIT UNTIL YOUR IN THE OFFICE" and he would always reply right away~ and say " you know better than that! I will not leave you hanging ~ you have a question~ here is your answer"! It was always instant comfort when I saw him in the court room ~ I knew everything was going to be ok! He got me the best possible outcome for my case ~ And I am so greatful. Highly recommend him.

    Jonathan Dichter’s response: “Tami - it was my pleasure and honor representing you. Thank you so much for your kind words! Jonathan”
  • High Integrity, Phenomenal Communicator, Outstanding Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Jonathan Dichter is Thee Best Attorney I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I could not ask for a better experience in getting through my court process. He was there for me at all steps and always got back to me immediately. There is no one I would recommend more highly than Jonathan Dichter. He treated me like a real person, went above and beyond for me and I was totally well taken care of. His office staff was phenomenal as well and that is also a very important piece in making sure the clients messages get passed along and Kristi did just that and genuinely really cares as well as was a pleasure to speak with, always happy to help and always cheerful on the phone whenever I called.
    I have personally worked for several attorneys and I found Jonathan to be thee nicest, most highly intelligent and extremely qualified attorney i have ever had the honor of knowing. He is not only a very nice person with a big heart but also a bulldog in the court room. All the while speaking to his clients with the highest respect and regard as people in a challenging situation. He remained 100% calm and dignified the entire process all the while I was becoming extremely stressed out due to having to deal with the court system in the first place. He held my hand and got me through the process and was extremely efficient and always got everything done that he promised. He also took time in explaining how the whole process worked down to the finest detail and I was extremely interested in knowing why things took place the way they did and he always explained thoroughly and graciously. I was so grateful to obtain him as my attorney and anyone who gets the opportunity to work with him will be just as satisfied. He keeps the bar very high (pun intended) and is a perfect example for all aspiring and currently practicing Lawyers. He always arrived early to every court session and got me in first. The kind of person Jonathan is says a lot to the whole community of practicing attorneys and I am so very glad to be passing on this high recommendation to all who are seeking the best representation. Not only does Jonathan practice criminal law he also is an advocate for individual rights by working in Olympia on behalf of the average citizen in order to keep this states laws at a reasonable level. You will have a very high quality experience, the best that it can be inspite of your situation whatever it may be. Thank you Jonathan for making a difference for us all !!!!

    Jonathan Dichter’s response: “It was my pleasure working with you and representing you. Thank you so much for your kind words. I did want to clarify one thing you mention - I do not work directly with Olympia - however in my role on the board for the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers I give input on bills and legislation to our legislative division and liaisons. A slight distinction - but one I wanted to correct.”
  • Exceeded my expectations! Jonathan is simply the best at what he does!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    I sought out Jonathan’s services over 1 year ago as I was charged with DUI w/refusal. Anyone would have written me off as guilty upon hearing the circumstances involved in my case, Jonathan never once conveyed to me that he believed me to be guilty throughout the duration of my case. I’d never been accused of a DUI before and was feeling very embarrassed when talking to Jonathan about it initially. He normalized my perspective, reminded me that what caused the situation had already passed, and encouraged me to focus on the present and future. Jonathan did everything within his power to help assuage my fears, embarrassment, and concerns by educating me on the process of a DUI case, communicating with 100% transparency, and exuding a very high level of confidence in his abilities, which was only surpassed by his ability to back it up.

    Jonathan is well known in the Snohomish County court system, but my case was being tried in Pierce County. This detail didn’t impact Jonathan’s confidence one bit. In fact, when the court demonstrated a clear bias for the State’s case and perspective, this seemed to fuel Jonathan even more to win my case. Using his expertise in the field and his powerful presence in court, the result was that Jonathan succeeded in winning my case! The case was dismissed and I didn’t receive any fines or penalties! I couldn’t have asked for more and this was the best possible outcome!

    There were also several qualities that Jonathan demonstrated that distinguish him as the best there is at what he does in my mind. A few of these qualities included the following:

    -He was extremely responsive to all of my communications, whether they be via phone, email, or text. And he certainly means it when he says you can call him 24hrs a day!
    -He wasn’t afraid of the potential of blazing a new trail in case law with my case. In other words, he doesn’t just conduct his work within the framework of prior case results. He looks for any and all possibilities.
    -Jonathan highly values & prioritizes customer service (he gave me a Starbucks gift card just because an appointment before one of mine with him went over by a few minutes).
    -He was very open and understanding of my financial situation in regards to setting up a payment plan that worked for me. He also was open to postponing my final payment a couple of weeks due to unforeseen financial circumstances I encountered at the time.
    -He waived fees for me as a result of the circumstances we’d encountered with the court.
    -While working on my case, he encountered a significant life event that could have served as a distraction to his work. Regardless of this, he never faltered in his efforts to win my case and I never got the sense he was focused on anything else but my case.
    -After court was dismissed, the jury all stayed after to chat with Jonathan about his fine work in court. Several of the jury members were so impressed with his work in my case that they asked him for his business card in case they ever were in a similar predicament!
    -He has his adorable dog in his office. This simple detail helped to make me feel more comfortable in a very stressful and embarrassing situation.
    -His secretary/assistant is quite possibly the most genuinely nice person you will ever encounter! She made the logistical side of things extremely easy and I never got off the phone with her without a smile on my face.
    -The investigator that he provides to serve as an expert witness in his cases was also very professional and seemed very confident in Jonathan’s abilities.
    -I noticed he is very prompt in arriving to court hearings and is often the first counsel in attendance (which helps with getting in and getting out of court hearing quickly).

    Jonathan will fight tooth and nail for you using all that he has at his disposal to obtain the best possible outcome. I can’t imagine going through my experience without Jonathan’s support and can’t thank him enough for his help!

    Jonathan Dichter’s response: “Steve - it was my pleasure battling your case for you. I am so pleased with the outcome and it was a privilege working with you. Thank you for your kind words.”
  • This is your guy!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    Jonathan is very savvy, intelligent, and motivated to get you the best result. We went to trial, and he owned the courtroom. Other attorneys actually came in just to watch him work, and the judge complimented me on my choice of counsel.

  • Great attorney and a great human being

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kyle

    When looking for a lawyer I went to Avvo to find one with a good rating as i was terribly frightened of the consequences of my stupid actions. I found Johnathan who was rated 10.0. Let me tell you, he lived up to his rating 100%. From the minute I walked into to his office Johnathan seemed very professional as well as highly knowledgeable. But as I started working on my case with Johnathan I found that he was more than just an advocate for my freedom, but actually someone who really cares about getting results for his clients. It was clear every time we were in the court room that Johnathan was highly regarded in the area, as he always sat down and i would watch multiple lawyers come talk to him as if he was the man to ask if they had a question. After having two DUI's in less than two months Johnathan was able to get me the mandatory minimum one day in jail as well as win my DOL hearing. This man gets results and i would definetly use him again, although I will never put myself in a position to where i need him again.

    Jonathan Dichter’s response: “Kyle - it was my pleasure working on your cases - and your words honor and humble me. Thank you.”
  • DUI case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Mr. Dichter represented me with pure professionalism. He kept me informed through the process of what was going to happen and not going to happen in complete detail. I felt very comfortable and informed of the process ahead of me. I believe I received the best result possible for my case and would recommend Mr. Dichter.

  • Superb Attorney - Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Dichter is a fantastic attorney. Incredibly professional, smart, detail oriented and effective. Mr. Dichter communicated every step with me and was extremely knowledgeable. He treated me fairly and with respect. I cannot say enough good things about him and his ability. I highly recommend Jonathan Dichter. If I should ever need an attorney in the future I would definitely contact Mr. Dichter again.

  • I am very thankfull that I hired Jonathan Dichter as my Lawyer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Jonathan and his staff did a fantastic job handling my case. I am convinced that I could not have picked a more competent and professional lawyer for my situation. He eased my worries by explaining the process and communicating the status of each hurdle along the way.

    My situation happened several hundreds of miles away from the Seattle area where I live and Jonathan was able to minimize what could have been several trips back and forth to the area of the incident saving me money and time.

    Best of all I was very happy with the outcome of the case. Thanks to Jonathans experience as a DUI defense attorney we got great results and I was able to move on with my life and put a messy situation behind me. I would highly recommend Jonathan Dichter to anyone facing DUI charges.

  • Jonathan Dichter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by vanessa

    Jonathan is very good and extremely knowledgeable about what he does. He has helped me with three seperate cases and got results i didn’t even think would be possible. And with that he is also one of the nicest-most caring people I have met. And I really felt he was by my side 100%. Without crossing that line of professionalism. I would refer him to anyone i know one hundred times over again!!

    Jonathan Dichter’s response: “Vanessa, It was a pleasure representing you - thank you for trusting me with your case. JD”