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  • I got a dui I havent had on in almost 18 years, what will happen?

    I got a dui the other night, I havent had one for about 18 years, My BAC was.17 what is going to happen?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    It is vital that you immediately contact an attorney so that your case can be evaluated and your defense prepared. As my colleague noted - your license is already in jeopardy - and you only have 20 days to try to save it. Furthermore, court can include mandatory jail time and more.

    Look for members of the National College of DUI Defense!

    Feel free to call me for your FREE CONSULTATION at 425-424-9401

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  • I got an MIP last week, what should i do?

    I was at a party, & I was breathalyzed so of course im guilty. But, I have a backround check due for a class next week and a question ask, "have you even been arrested? what should I write? An MIP isnt a fellony right? and also, where it says the ...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    "I was breathalyzer so of course I'm guilty" is the wrong way to think about this case. You need, as both of my colleagues have suggested, skilled legal help to navigate this. Very often, as Mr. Lawrence said, a first offense CAN be dismissed entirely.

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  • Prosecution office

    I feel that I was mis informed by the court appointed attorney and that effected my decision and causing hell and finding out that there was better. What person is best to have on side for domestic violence and strong relationship with the prosecu...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    If you've already accepted a deal from the prosecutor, and now feel as if you were not informed properly - you may be able to undo whatever it is that you did. You should seek counsel immediately to help you with this.

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  • What is sentence after appeal

    my husband did 365 days in jail after taking a plead on a dui he appealed the case but did all his time and know is told he has to go back to court for reveiw sentencing after appeal can he get more time court was 9-16-10 turned himself in on 9-23...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Mr. Lawrence is correct. A judge cannot impose a higher sentence than the statutory maximum.

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  • What happens if i fail a u.a for the first time on probation in washington state?


    Jonathan’s Answer

    To add to Mr. Samuelson's answer - the "maximum" penalty for violating probation on a DUI type case is going to be imposition of the entirety of the suspended sentence. In other words - if you were sentenced to a year in jail with 363 days suspended - the court could impose up to the 363 days.

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  • I received my first dui charge in by mail in 7/09 for the incident that happened in 2/09.

    I blew .07 and still received a charge of Dui. it got reduced to reckless driving. I just received a 2nd DUI in 3/11 and am waiting on my court date. My question is will the first (lowered) reckless driving conviction count as a 2nd DUI when I go ...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    There is no such thing as a "wet" reckless in Washington.

    ANY DUI charge amended to a Reckless Driving counts as a prior.

    That means your NEW DUI is a 2nd offense where you could be facing mandatory MINIMUMS of 30 days in jail or more.

    Whether you would qualify for a deferred prosecution depends on if you have a serious alcohol problem that needs treatment.

    That being said - you need to consult a DUI attorney immediately. Feel free to contact my office for your FREE CONSULTATION at 425-424-9401

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  • I was arrested for dui on 9/26/10 and still have received a court date, how much time does the state have to arraign me?

    133 days have passed, can I request a motion to dismiss if I'm receive a court date?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Mr. Magee is right - the state has 2 years with which to charge your case. However - the department of licensing may have already taken action. Furthermore, it's possible that the state has charged you and you've missed it somehow. An attorney can check the court's computer system to check.

    King County is VERY behind on their filings.

    You should contact an attorney immediately to ask about your case.

    Feel free to call me at 425-424-9401 for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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  • Attorney fees?

    what is the typical charge for a attorney for defending two simple assault charges on a person with no criminal history for over twenty years. I know, it all depends, but could a get some kind of figure from someone?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Sadly, there's a lot more information an attorney would need to quote you a fee. Additionally every attorney's fees are different. Some attorneys might quote you a fee that is as low as $2000 for such a case. Some might quote one as high as $12000 or more. My suggestion is that you call an attorney and discuss your case. Most of us, myself included, will offer a FREE CONSULTATION. Feel free to call me at 425-424-9401 for yours.

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  • I Just recently got charged with assualt 4 husband and I were fighting and they took me my husband asked them not to and that

    he would not press charges he did not but the prosecuter just sent him a letter that iam being charged I also do have a record of a dui back in 2006 that iam still on prob,what ami up against?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Assault 4 is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in the county jail and/or a $5000 fine. There is a mandatory loss of right to possess firearms for life if convicted. If you're already on probation, you could be facing jail time on your probation matter as well.

    It is vitally important that you contact an attorney in your area as soon as possible to help you with these matters. Feel free to call me at 425-424-9401 for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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  • I got a DUI and 2nd degree dwls both are my first time offense. 2 months before, i got a wreckless. What are the consequences?

    2 months before i got a wreckless driving charge, DWLS 3rd degree and eluding the police but those got dismissed and i pleaded guilty for just the wrekless. About 2 weeks ago i got a DUI and 2nd degree dwls. Went to jail for 3 nights and 2 days be...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Both crimes are gross misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $5000 fine. The DUI has mandatory jail and fines that must be imposed, not to mention both have additional consequences for your drivers license. You need to contact an attorney immediately.

    Feel free to call my office for your FREE CONSULTATION at 425-424-9401.

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