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  • My son is in the Navy got arrested for DUI 1st offense. He's been in 4 about civillian cops?

    Will he get charged in the city of Seattle wa.? He didn't get any paper works or ticket from the cops either!.

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Typically when an individual is arrested for DUI the police officer will forward the police report to the prosecutor's office who will file the formal charges sometime later. In King County that can take weeks or even months. Which court he will end up in depends largely on where exactly he was contacted and by whom.

    HOWEVER - it's important to note that if there was a breath test above .08 or a refusal - your son's driver's license may be already in jeopardy to the department of licensing. He only has 20 days from the date of arrest to challenge this suspension.

    Your son needs to consult with a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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  • Dui in the state of wa with a bac of .075?

    A friend of mine blew three times with a .065 a 0.70 then a 0.75 but she was still cited arrested and car impounded. Is the legal limit not .080?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Such a common question.

    There are TWO ways to get an alcohol related DUI in Washington.

    1) Be above .08 within 2 hours of driving.


    2) Have your ability to drive affected to ANY appreciable degree by alcohol.

    It's not saying they'll win a .06/.07 but they CAN charge it.

    Your friend should call a DUI attorney immediately. I'd be happy to discuss this with her.

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  • I recently received a dui, I ended up not blowing and was given paperwork that I can pay $375.00 to appeal not losing my license

    Is it worth appealing or is it an automatic 1 year suspension in WA state?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    The DOL Hearing is one of the most crucial parts of my process in representing a client. You should absolutely request the hearing and hire a skilled DUI attorney immediately to help you through it. Even though the odds of winning this hearing statistically are low - the information gathered from the hearing is often what makes the difference between a great result in court and a bad result in court.

    Feel free to call me with additional questions.

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  • I got charged with a DUI but I wasn't drunk and there is no test showing any alcohol level. No ticket stating I was driving fast

    I had a DUI back 11 years that was dropped to neg driving because I blew below .08. I would like to find a lawyer to help.

    Jonathan’s Answer

    I practice exclusively DUI in King, Snohomish and other counties. I'd be happy to talk to you about your case and can be reached 24/7.

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  • I got a DUI in 2005 and it was reduced to reckless driving......deferred, then dismissed all together. I since got a DUI in

    2011. Can the courts use my dismissed case against me? They are trying to sentence me based on "2nd offense in 7 years". Is this legal? Are there any cases to support my case?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Sadly, even if dismissed - under Washington State Law - any prior DUI that was amended to a Reckless Driving like yours - counts as a prior DUI if you get another one in seven years. You'll want to consult with a DUI attorney immediately.

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  • Washington DUI warrant

    I am currently living in King County and have a warrent in Snohomish County for a DUI that happened about a year ago. I missed court while I was visiting family in California and the shortly after I got back my boyfriend and I found out I was preg...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    With a skilled DUI attorney you might avoid jail time entirely. You need to consult immediately. Feel free to call my office for a free consultation.

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  • What to expect at araignment hearing without lawyer.

    I was arrested for dui and blew a .09, I have never been in trouble. What happens at the hearing?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Your first hearing will be your arraignment. You'll be advised of the maximum penalty (364 days in jail and a $5000 fine) and the mandatory minimums (including 1 day in jail and $350 fines, license suspensions, and more). The judge will ask you to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. You should plead not guilty and have a pretrial date set. You should also consult with a DUI attorney immediately. Feel free to call me for your FREE CONSULTATION at 425-424-9401.

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  • Earlier this week I got charged for a D.U.I. should I get an alcohol assessment and U.A. before my arraignment?

    Being that my legal case is still so new neither my police report nor court case have been filed with the city. I have not met with any attorneys yet so if I were to go and get an alcohol assessment and U.A. on my own in order to prove that I was ...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Most often, I advise my clients to get their evaluation soon after reviewing their case. The court can't and won't require it as a condition. If you're charged, you're better off spending your time and resources hiring a skilled and qualified DUI Attorney. Someone who can guide you step by step through the process and tell you when and how to get these things done to minimize the consequences to you.

    Remember - DUI carries MANDATORY JAIL and LICENSE consequences. Hire a lawyer immediately.

    Feel free to call me for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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  • My fiance has been accused of domestic violence against me which is not true. I have been unable to get it rescinded or quashed

    An overzealous police officer mistakenly filed charges. It has resulted in the early death of my mother and devastating effects on me because I am disabled and need his help physically and financially.

    Jonathan’s Answer

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    Dave is completely correct. Your husband needs skilled domestic violence representation immediately. You, as an alleged victim ALSO should have representation.

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  • I blew a .085 on the field sobriety test and got taken into the police station but passed the breath test at the station

    they took 2 breath tests at the station and said that both had to be above .08 for me to get a DUI. Since one was below .08 they let me go. How do I deal with this? Do i need a lawyer even though my license isn't suspended and will it show on my r...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    You will be getting something in the mail.

    You do NOT need to be above .08 to get a DUI in Washington State. That's ONE of two ways to do that. The other way is to have your ability to drive be affected to any degree by drugs and/or alcohol. Which they can and will charge you with.

    You need a skilled DUI attorney immediately.

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