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Diego J Vargas

Diego Vargas’s Answers

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  • Can a dismissed DUI be vacated or expunged?

    I have a "dismissed DUI" charge that is showing up on employment verification checks. Can this be expunged or vacated? The incident occurred in 2003.

    Diego’s Answer

    Yes. Washington allows for the removal of this information. Check out the free guide provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts in Washington. You can get non-conviction data removed from your criminal history maintained by the Washington State Patrol.

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  • What is a 1560 Waiver Package? I got a DUI in Ca, 2007 1st offense.

    I am Active Duty Military, currently deployed in Iraq, I have been deployed so much over the past few years I have had no need for my license, and have not been in the states to go to DUI class. I ETS this year from the ARMY and will need a Wa st...

    Diego’s Answer

    If you license was suspended as a reuslt of a criminal conviction in CA the WA will recognize that suspension and WA will not issue you a license unless you are eligible to receive a license in CA. Diana Lundin, with my office, is our Department of Licensing Guru. Feel free to contact her.

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