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Theresa Rose Lorella

Theresa Lorella’s reviews

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  • Negligent Nightmare

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I agree with the experience another reviewer had. Theresa was condescending, paid lots of lip service, and was ultimately unhelpful. She communicated with me mostly by email on Friday afternoons. I got the sense that I was an afterthought client as she kept asking me the same questions over and over and she didn't address inaccuracies in her paperwork that I brought up numerous times. I also feel she was in over her head when it came to dealing with my exes lawyer. Finally, after countless billed hours, lots of paperwork, and no forward movement on my divorce Theresa ditched me citing "medical issues."

    Hired attorney
  • Outstanding family law attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I have been working with Theresa for almost a year now. I hired her to represent me in a high conflict divorce and custody case. She has been consistently excellent in her responsiveness to my concerns and ability to conduct herself with integrity when against very unprofessional opposing counsel. She has been compassionate and understanding of the stressful dynamics of my case while helping me focus on the best ways to productively move forward legally. I highly recommend her.

  • Not recommended

    2.0 stars

    Posted by D.

    I originally hired Ms. Lorella's firm to handle my divorce. The owner of the firm, Stella Pitts, set me up with Theresa. I was disappointed with how much lip service Ms. Lorella offered to me, with little in the way of actual lawyerly advice. When she did counsel me, I found her to be condescending and detached. She was very uncommunicative, especially given that I had lilttle knowledge of what was going on. I never knew what was happening, and she was not good at helping me understand. Furthermore, she wouldn't discuss my case with me in court, as she allowed the opposing party to sit directly behind us. However, she charged me full cost for all the time we sat silently in the courthouse, over 4 hours. The actual time spent in front of the judge was less than 20 minutes. We also spent 1-2 hours going over our interrogatories, which she neither sent to the other party, nor were they ever needed in the first place. Yet, I was billed for all of her time. I wouldn't recommend Ms. Lorella unless you already have enough knowledge of the legal system to keep her focused on what your needs are.