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John Doe v. Drunk Driver

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: 1.06 Million Dollar settlement reached

Description: John Doe was performing his job as a surveyor. He was unloading equipment from his work truck when a drunk driver fell asleep and the wheel and veered off the road striking John Doe and his truck. Mr. Doe was dragged under the truck that struck him for several hundred feet. Mr. Doe sustained burst fractures to three vertabrae in his lower back. Immediate surgery was required. Mr. Doe had a long and painful recovery, but ultimately regained most of his function. Unfortunately, he was no longer able to perform the physical requirements of his old job and had to be retrained. Claims were made against the at fault driver as well as Mr. Doe's personal under insured motorist policy and Mr. Doe's employers under insured motorist policy. The total settlement with all parties was $1,060,000.00. Additionally, a substantial reduction in the 'offset' was obtained by negotiating with Labor and Industries.

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