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Phillip Alden Tavel

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  • Can i be charged with lying to police?

    I apparently told police my boyfriend was drinking during a domestic disturbance call, i had over a .10 bac, and as i remember it today i never saw him drink, he refused the test, can i be charged with lying to police?

    Phillip’s Answer

    Just to let you know first, I am a lawyer in the Seattle, so Minnesota may be slightly different...but, what you did when you made the call was to tell them what you thought was going on. It turns out that you may have been wrong. That's not dishonesty, that's just being wrong. If the police were going to be as unfriendly as humanly possible, they could try and charge you with falsifying a statement to a law enforcement official (or something like that), but again, your defense is just that you were wrong, not that you were trying to mislead them. You should not be concerned, based on the facts in your question. Again, if there is much more to this story then what you've said it will depend on how much more, and whether or not you were making up a story to get your boyfriend in trouble and if the police asked you several times if he was drinking and you assured them that he absolutely was drinking. Just wait and see, but the likelihood that you would be charged for that is quite small.

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