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Tatyana A Gidirimski

About Tatyana Gidirimski

About me

Family Law:  In her thirteen years of practice, Tatyana Gidirimski has handled every aspect of family law, including complex divisions of property, maintenance, parenting plans (including modifications and child relocations), child support, division of business assets, claims of meretricious relationships, prosecution and defense of restraining orders, domestic violence protection orders, and preparation and negotiation of prenuptial and other relationship agreements.  Tatyana is highly cognizant of the toll - both financial and psychological - a contested family law matter can take on the client and strives to achieve an out-of-court resolution of the conflict whenever possible. She is skilled in dealing with high-conflict personalities and counsels clients on handling hostile emails and other communications. However, an out-of-court resolution of a conflict is not always possible. Tatyana is an experienced litigator. She has litigated numerous contentious divorces and has successfully represented clients in trials and family court hearings.  Tatyana has also handled a number of interstate and international divorces involving complex jurisdictional and conflict of laws issues.  She has a special interest in representing clients in international legal disputes.

Employment Law: Tatyana provides counsel to both employers and employees in numerous types of employment law matters, including negotiation of employment agreements and severance agreements, employee termination and discipline, wage and hour issues, employment discrimination and retaliation issues, sexual harassment, ADA and FMLA compliance, and drafting of employee handbooks.  She has litigated disputes related to all types of employment agreements, trade secrets, and wage and hour issues.

Commercial and Business Litigation: Tatyana has litigated a wide variety of cases involving such issues as real estate disputes, business litigation, and contract disputes.