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Barbara A Marcouiller

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  • Just lost $250

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I went for a consultation. She was very slow in understanding the case and spent most of the time looking through some book. Then, when an hour was up she just told me she is pessimistic about my case, however, when I told her I would like to do it anyway, she told me she has no time. Yet, she charged me $250. I was too stressed and in a hurry to realize what happened, but a lawyer should not charge for a consultation when she is too overwhelmed to take the case. Besides, she did not provide me with any useful information.

    Consulted attorney
    Barbara A Marcouiller’s response: “Yes, each client deserves an enthusiastic lawyer. It is important that each person have the best attorney for their specific case, even if it isn’t me. The attorney/client relationship is just that, a relationship. Over 23 years I am pleased that the comment we hear most frequently is how much clients appreciate our honesty. We spend up to an hour, not just a quickie 15 minute consult, analyzing the history, legal issues, and potential difficulties of each case. When a sick person goes to a medical doctor, the doctor does an exam/tests, and advises the person they have a difficult situation, the person cannot then say they want their money back, because they don’t like the answer. When an immigration case is already denied before someone comes to me to review the case for a possible appeal, I analyze reasons for the denial, and work with the client to identify evidence not previously submitted that may justify the appeal. When that person simply states there is no other evidence they will get, and I consider the very strict time restrictions to file an appeal, and I believe the appeal would not succeed, I share my honest opinion. In fact, the rules of professional conduct require a lawyer to consider all aspects including time sensitivities in a case, and the current status of other cases, staff, or other factors that may affect the representation before agreeing to accept a case. I am very sorry your case was one that, after a detailed analysis and attempting to work with you to explain what would make the case stronger, it became clear it would not be appropriate for me to accept the case. I am distressed that, over a year later, you suddenly expressed your dis-satisfaction, and in this manner. When someone says for me to pay them money or they will post a bad review, I simply cannot give in to that. We will continue to strive for the highest quality and honesty, and positive working relationships in our clients’ best interest.”
  • The best immigration attorney I've ever hired

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ying

    We went to Barbara during the green card application for our son when we realized that it involved complications and may drag us nowhere forever. Barbara was very knowledgeable, she laid multiple options and also recommended us the most effective path which actually saved us thousand dollars in travel cost. In each step, she always provided us valuable advice promptly and let us know what to expect next. It also surprised me that immigration process sometimes could go wrong with unexpected oversight from USCIS. During our case, Barbara's great communication with immigration office has corrected this type of oversights twice and dramatically accelerated the process. I am so happy that my son received the green card much more earlier than we expected while we have a peaceful mind all the way through.

    In the past 10 years our family had hired several immigration attorneys , Barbara was surely outstanding and the best! I would like to recommend her to anyone who is looking for help, and I'm sure you will never disappoint!

  • DV lottery -- Green Card winner 2013

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Green card Dreamer

    Special thanks to Barbara A Marcouiller .. Good News we got the green card -- thanks for all your help for putting together a bundle highlighting all the main points. The embassy read the bundle . 10 min later all our green cards were approved and agreed and visa issued. It was a very pleasant experience at the embassy I must admit I was surprised so much so that my wife shed a tear of joy.

    This is why we needed Barbara Marcouiller --)) Background below__))

    (((Wife illegal immigrant fleeing a war country is caught using false documentation. On 1 count of using a false instrument in the UK, Wife is sentenced to 2 months in prison and avoids deportation. 8 years on wife and her family of 4 children are all British citizens . Husband wins the USA green card lottery. Husband wife and 4 kids are due an interview at US Embassy.))

  • What a relief!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Catherine

    After almost a year trying to jump through all the immigration hoops on our own, Barbara got the paperwork refilled amd straightened out so my retired Canadian husband could join me here in Seattle. It took her about 4 months - nothing compared to the time we spent fighting through the system. While her fee was reasonable, the peace of mind was priceless.

  • barbara marcouiller

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Abdallah Abdashiek

    I am writing this review because I would like to impart onto others about the good will of Barbara Marcouiller. Upon my arrival to this country I sought out and received help from Barbara with immigration issues that I encountered. When we met I explained my situation, which had left me in need of asylum in my present location of Seattle. Barbara was most helpful as she did her best with comprehending due to the language barrier. She managed to build a rather case for my asylum, and when the time came for our court hearing the judge ruled in our favor. This came a great benefit because I was in a difficult position with no job or financial stability.
    I was so grateful for all the support that she’d given me, and to my friend as well.