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Abraham J. Ritter

Abraham Ritter’s reviews

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  • Recommendations from a friend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Evan

    I didn't have much time to shop around for a lawyer. I had met with a few other lawyers but they either had extremely high prices with them show boating or were along the same lines as a public defender with never having experience with my kind of case. A friend of mine told me about Mr. Ritter and I set up a meeting. When we met up he told me he had previous experience and didn't oversell himself.

    I was up front with all my information and he quickly accessed the situation and decided how we should proceed with the case. I was nervous going to court but he assured me how every court date would play out. He was very calming and didn't add stress.

    He kept me in the loop with any deals offered. He also said what the desired outcome we were looking for was. When the time came for the final offer in the case he was very upfront and his prediction was very close to the actual outcome of the entire case.

    After I was sentenced he did a follow up call just to make sure that everything was going good. I had a problem with my community service hours not being handed over in a timely fashion. He showed up with me only to find out that it had been taken down and we didn't have to show up.

    Mr. Ritter was very professional during the entire ordeal. He gave me advice on what to do while waiting for the outcome of the case. During his follow up call he just wanted to let me know I wasn't requested for anymore court dates. His entire attitude helped me not stress out be able to handle myself in a normal everyday fashion.

    I would highly recommend Mr. Ritter

  • Save your $$ and time - DON'T Hire Abe

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    We recently paid Abe an up front flat fee (big mistake) to handle what seemed like a simple legal issue. In pre-trial discussions with him we covered all the issues and made a game plan for best / worst case outcomes. He sounded confident and gave us a sense of ease going into court.

    Once we were in court he immediately gave in to the other Attorney’s demands and instructed us to just sign the judgment the way it started. He claimed that attempting to actually present our case would expose our sensitive information to the public. This was an exact opposite to what he told us going into court.

    Our advice to you is; save your money and hire someone else who will actually attempt to defend you.

  • Tenacious and Vigorous Defender, Champion for Good

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    As a client, I highly recommend Abraham. He excels at identification of the core argument, provides viable strategies, and is energized for battle when faced by an opponent. I found Abraham to be a tenacious advocate in a contract rescission situation. The opponent raised a plethora of outlandish arguments, attempting to deflect from their actions and attempted to disparage my reputation.

    In this confusing situation, Abraham responded by defining the pivotal legal elements, provided accurate analysis of state law and Supreme Court rulings on the subject. He extinguished the opponent's outlandish claims by addressing their lack of legal merit while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor based on his command of the law.

  • 2009 VW Jetta accident

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Jacob

    Abraham was very attentive. His work for me was was professional and thorough. Through his persistence I garnered a d.v. and loss of use claim above my expectations.
    I am glad to have had Abraham fighting hard on my side.

  • Abraham J. Ritter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela

    Abe Ritter was actually the first attorney that I ever hired, I was lucky that I received a recommendation to him! Abe was very approachable from the beginning, I felt comfortable and confident that he would be able to help me after our first meeting. And sure enough the outcome was exactly what we wanted and what was discussed from the beginning! I did lots of research on cost as well, (laywers are expensive!!) he wasn't one that charged outrageous fees it was actually affordable. I will definitely recommend Abe to anyone that I know that may be seeking legal counsel.