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Frank A Selden

Frank Selden’s Legal Guides

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  • Washington Estate Planning - Individual Interests in Joint Property

    Community Property All property owned by married persons in Washington can be categorized as individual separate property of the husband or wife or as community property. All property acquired during

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  • How to Create and End a California Domestic Partnership

    Who is eligible to file as a DP? Couples are eligible to enter into registered Domestic Partnerships if: - They share a common residence; - They agree to be jointly responsible for each other’s bas

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  • California Domestic Partnership - The Basics

    Who is affected by the Act? The Act provides persons in registered Domestic Partnerships on or before January 1, 2005, and those entering into Domestic Partnerships after January 1, with many of the

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  • Is my child or relative a Dependant? That Depends

    Qualifying Child - Relationship, Age, Residency There are five tests that must be met for a child to be your qualifying child. All five of these tests must be true for a child to qualify. The tests a

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  • How Can an Ethical Attorney Help Pinky Soprano?

    Explain the law? Yes. As an operational law attorney for the Army I explain rules of engagement to soldiers. Lethal force within the boundaries of the law makes someone a hero. Cross the line and tha

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  • Take Control of Your Retirement Assets

    Understand the Different Approaches There are three very different types of accounts offered as self-directed IRAs. One is typically offered by a major bank or brokerage company. These accounts provi

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