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Frank A Selden

About Frank Selden

About me

Less clients, better service. Most of my clients are a lot like me: entrepreneurial, in charge of their businesses and futures, dynamic, give a high priority to values such as integrity and hard work. They want focused attention when they need it but otherwise just like to say "Hi" now and then. If you like your calls returned without having to be concerned about the billing practices and you live in or have assets in WA State,  give us a call.


Business Experience


ATTORNEY * Focused on asset protection (estate planning, probate, some taxation) from day 1. First in a solo practice and now as the dynamic team of Selden & Youngs. We help people legally pay less taxes in their estates and on their personal assets.


LEAD SALES REPRESENTATIVE, BarBri, Seattle, WA (9/00 to 6/03)
Represented the largest Bar Review course in the US to the students at the University of Washington Law School. As Lead Representative, trained and supervised a 16-member sales team in both group and individual settings. Completed personal three-year sales goal within first two months of law school.

PERSONAL BANKER, US Bank, Redmond, WA (10/95 to 7/98)
Sold mutual funds & annuities to bank clients. Developed community market for home, auto, and business loans. Developed solid referral sources from local businesses. Trained bank staff on new banking software applications during two mergers. Exceeded company goals every quarter. Earned District Top Achiever award during two quarters.

ACCOUNTANT, Volt Accounting & Robert Half International, Bellevue, WA (1994-95)


Military Experience

JAG OFFICER * Washington Army National Guard (5/05 to present)
Captain currently serving the 81st Armor Brigade as a Legal Assistance Officer.

Responsible for providing the base commander with the daily intelligence (intel) reports. Asked to use legal experience to write the rules of engagement for our base. Represented the base at higher headquarters intel meetings. Served with Task Force Olympia in the northern city of Mosul, Iraq.

INTELLIGENCE NCO * Washington Army National Guard (10/94 to 11/03)
In 2002 advised the US Border Patrol on improving homeland security procedures for the Spokane sector border. The Department of Justice and Joint Task Force 6 offices used our final report to help track illegal entry into the US. In 2003 to work with the WA State Counter-drug Taskforce to create a similar report on using National Guard troops to help enforce drug laws.

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