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David E Reed

About David Reed

About me

Some of my most rewarding memories come from working to help my children and others like them in our community have the chance for a good education. So, I tried to contribute where I felt I could do the most good.  For 11 years I was a member of the Snoqualmie Valley School Board and served two terms as president. The Board decides matters of policy for the School District. In those years we had an annual budget of between $30,000,000 and $40,000,000 with over 400 employees and serving 4,500 students. Our Board was recognized as the best in the State of Washington for its size of district (2001) by the Washington State School Directors Association. The Board was recognized nationally as one of 25 of the best Boards by the official publication of the National School Boards Association (2002), for work in technology. (See photo for 2002 award).  We were also honored by proclamations of the state legislature and King County Council. 


I have also enjoyed a number of fun years as a soccer coach, basball coach, chess tournament host, and cub scout leader.


These days I enjoy sailing, fly fishing and bicycle riding.

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