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Brook Andrew Goddard

Brook Goddard’s Legal Guides

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  • Restricting Parenting

    The Court will sometimes limit a parent's residential time with his/her child if the parent engaged in certain conduct, or if the parent's involvement or conduct will have an adverse effect on the child's best interests. To determine this, Court examines the following: 1. Wil...

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  • Determining the Primary Caretaker

    -- DETERMINING THE PRIMARY CARETAKER -- In determining which parent was the primary caretaker, the Court may consider a wide range of parenting activities, such as: 1. Preparing, planning and cleaning up after meals; 2. Bathing, grooming and dressing; 3. Purchasing, cleanin...

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  • A Brief Overview of the Dissolution Process

    1. Grounds. Washington has adopted the concept of "no fault" divorce, now called "dissolution of marriage," making it unnecessary to prove specific grounds in order to obtain a divorce (e.g. abuse or adultery). One party must simply state to the Court that the marriage is "irr...

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