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Chong Hae Ye

Chong Ye’s Legal Guides

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  • 5 Types of Car Insurance Coverage Explained

    Liability Insurance Liability insurance covers you in the event you are at fault in a car accident and will pay for repairs to property damages to the other car as well as medical bills resulting fro

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    Pre-litigation Settlement After your medical treatments have ended, and after gathering all of the facts and medical records, your attorney will develop a settlement strategy with you and attempt to

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  • 3 Don't After a Car Accident

    Don’t Give Any Statement to the Insurance Company The insurance company sole interests is to minimize the amount of money they have to pay after your car accident. They want to reduce their exposure

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  • 4 Do's After a Car Accident

    Do Call the Police It's important to contact the police because you need to document what happened. Call the police and cooperate fully with the investigating officers. If you are involved in a hit-a

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