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In the Matter of the Adoption of Infant Boy Crews

Case Conclusion Date: 03.05.1992

Practice Area: Adoption

Outcome: Child remained in adoptive home.

Description: I was appointed by the court to serve as guardian ad litem for the child in this matter. The issue at hand involved how to construe the provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act. I urged the Washington State Court of Appeals and the Washington State Supreme Court to construe the act in such a way as to leave the two year old child in the home of the adoptive parents, which was the only home he had ever known. I was gratified when that was ultimately the result reached by the Washington State Supreme Court. My role in this case was much smaller than those of the attorneys representing the opposing parties, all of whom did an excellent job, but it was a privilege to be able to work on behalf of the child in this matter.

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