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Gregory Mark Abel

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  • Does renting my land to medical marijuana growers put me--or my land at risk since cannabis is illegal under Federal Law?

    Cannabis is still illegal under federal law. I am an Oregon state property owner where cannabis is legal to grow. Medical marijuana growers want to rent my property to grow their crop. They will obtain all the necessary permits, cards, etc. My ...

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    No guarantee that federal government will not take action. Other concern is how are the renters paying the rent? Banks will not handle deposits from marijuana sales

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  • I am preparing to plead guilty to my first DUI but there are two other charges with it.

    The two other charges are reckless driving and reckless endangerment. If I complete the diversion program I believe I am eligible for will those charges go onto my permanent record or will they be dropped?

    Gregory’s Answer

    In Oregon, only the DUII is part of the diversion agreement. You should seek to have the district attorney dismiss the other charges before you sign the diversion agreement. If not, the other charges will continue until you plea to them, they are dismissed or proceed to trial.

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