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Dave Bahr

About Dave Bahr

About me

I have been litigating in the public interest for over twenty-five years and represent plaintiffs in public record and environmental cases throughout the United States. My clients currently range from the largest environmental groups in the country to journalists covering the Columbia River salmon wars to a small non-profit Ohio water district locked in litigation with the DuPont chemical corporation. Before establishing my current practice in 2009, I was a senior staff counsel at the Western Environmental Law Center for six years. Prior to that, I represented clients in federal and state environmental, public records, land use, special education and civil rights litigation throughout the country.

The director of the National Archives and Records Administration recently appointed him to the federal Freedom of Information Act Advisory Committee to help improve the administration of FOIA and to recommend legislative action, policy changes or Executive actions. I am a principal in, an internet project intended to foster greater public access to information possessed by state and federal governments. I received the Sunshine Award in 2001 from Society of Professional Journalists. The Award is presented to individuals and organizations which the Society determines have made a significant contribution to public understanding and education about laws governing open records and meetings and to “recognize outstanding efforts in advocacy under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and state public records laws and personal courage in working to keep public information publicly available.” I was also honored to have been awarded the Kerry L. Rydberg Award for accomplishment in public interest environmental litigation by the 1999 Public Interest Law Conference at the University of Oregon Law School