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Brian S Wayson

About Brian Wayson

About me

 - Adept at sizing up situations, systematically analyzing facts and developing alternative courses of action to achieve sensible solutions.

- Considered a clear and effective oral and written communicator with the ability to concisely interpret complex laws, regulations and court opinions, using a common sense approach.

- Blessed with extensive experience in effectively working with clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, allowing him to be a good listener.

- Well-versed in client counseling, claim analysis, case preparation, and hearing and appeal representation.

- Aware that while the journey is challenging, successful outcomes for his clients are particularly rewarding.

- Recognized for forming quality relationships quickly and instilling a high level of confidence among those with whom he interacts.

 - Acknowledged as a self-starter with an involved style of leadership.

- Most of all, thankful for all I have, including my awesome family and wonderful friends.

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