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Erin Levine

About Erin Levine

About me

My background as a teacher helped me develop my ability to speak to my clients in ways that are down-to-earth and accessible. I don't believe a good lawyer has to work in a highrise, wear a suit to work everyday, and talk down to people.


I want you to be comfortable and feel that we did the job right the first time. I don't need to be some stuffy know-it-all to do that. I am confident in my abilities and know that I am a good person who wants to help.


I work with my clients, not just for them, because hiring and working with a lawyer should be collaborative processes. I can help you with your legal work, because I have the training to do so, but I can't do it without your input and I want to know that when we conclude our matter you are happy with my work. Happy clients tell other potential clients and that is the best measure of my success.


I'm also at least a 6th generation Oregonian. I love this state and its people. I particularly want to help our Veterans whenever I can.