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Kevin Elliott Parks

Kevin Parks’s Legal Guides

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  • Can a Landlord Place a Lien on Tenant's Property?

    A lien is a recorded security interest in the property of another. The most common types of liens are those on real property and automobiles: i.e., When you take out a mortgage, the lender has a security interest in the house itself -- if you fall behind and fail to pay, they can...

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  • Effects of Tenant With an Unpermitted Pet

    Often, the rental agreement or lease will directly state whether a tenant can keep a pet on the premises. Occasionally, the agreement will allow certain types of pets, but not others. What happens when a tenant keeps a pet that violates the rental agreement?

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  • Service or Delivery of Landlord/Tenant Notices

    The landlord/tenant relationship, specifically in Oregon, though is governed by certain statutory requirements. The following concern the guidelines for calculating various notice timelines.

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