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Lake James H Perriguey

Lake James Perriguey’s reviews

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  • Wonderful Legal Services

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Emily

    Lake was thorough, thoughtful, and hardworking to get my MVA case settled. The claim was against my own car insurance company who abandoned me when I experienced a hit and run, and he fought to make sure my bills were paid and a settlement was reached.

    Lake was wonderful to work with and I would call him in a heartbeat if I needed his services again.

  • Glad I called *this* lawyer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shannon

    Litigation is *stressful*. You want someone with experience and someone who is one your side -- like Lake Perriguey.

    Lake is a thoughtful, powerful attorney. For the ladies, I say, don't be intimidated by his incredible height and deep voice! He's very kind with clients and asks good clarifying questions to get to the heart of the problem, and make it go away. Lake is the ally you want.

  • Lake did an amazing job!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deanna and Janine

    From beginning to end, Lake did a great job handling our case against the State of Oregon for marriage equality. We were the first plaintiffs in Oregon to decide to go the legal route rather than proceeding with a ballot measure. Lake was professional and easy to work with. He always made time for us and answered our questions when ever we had them. When he was unsure of the best course of action, he sought advice from others in his network. His work was thorough and thoughtful and he always had the end result in mind. His arguments were well formed and clearly articulated both in writing and verbally. In our situation, we had many encounters with the press and community groups. He provided us support and guidance as we proceeded with these difficult conversations and decisions. He was our advocate, always. And least we forget, we won!!

  • MY HERO!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pam

    I was dealing with a civil case that had been going on for 11 months. I had two different attorneys and spent close to $7,000 and got nothing back. I asked my first attorney "Who's side are you on? Why did you take my case if you weren't willing to defend me." My second attorney wasn't much better. They both told me I would have to sell my house to pay a man that had abused me for 8 months. They also wanted me to ask the DA to dismiss his criminal case so I wouldn't have to give him thousands more. I felt they did not listen to me or do what I had asked, I didn't feel the trust you should have when a lawyer is defending you. They both told me if I went to court that the judge would probably make me give him half of all the equity in my house. I looked on line and found Lake. After our first appointment I knew he was going to take charge and defend me. That is exactly what he did! He came out with all guns firing and the case was settled in less than two weeks. WOW...he was amazing. I didn't have to give that CREEP a penny. Lake was sincerely happy for me and gave me a huge hug. Not only is he an awesome attorney, he's a really great guy. Hopefully I won't ever need an attorney again, but if I do you know who I'm calling. I will highly recommend Lake to anyone that needs a good attorney. It's so nice to be free of this and I am so grateful to Lake for making that possible.


  • Lake Perriguey Saved the Day!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathan

    I was in a bike vs. car accident that got a little complicated when my personal insurance company stopped supporting my rehab. I was confused about how to get treatment I needed in a way that wouldn't hurt my case and I really had no idea of how to proceed.

    Lake was the first person who had definitive answers for me and he quickly moved to get me the help I needed. What a relief it was having a knowledgeable advocate on the case.

    First, Lake helped me navigate the multiple insurance companies to get the medical care I needed. He clearly outlined a course of action on how to proceed, and my recovery quickly wrapped up with all the questions out of the way.

    Secondly, Lake stood up to my neglectful insurance provider and successfully negotiated the full payment of the outstanding bills they had been refusing to pay.

    When the case was ready to settle, Lake worked as a strong advocate and negotiated a settlement that I was completely satisfied with. Even after the case was finished, one of the insurance companies tried to weasel some extra compensation for themselves, but Lake's quick follow up and excellent record keeping quickly quashed that problem.

    I had been wary to hire a lawyer in the past, but now that I know Lake I feel like I have a strong partner whenever I might need some legal advice. Lake was recommended by a friend and after hiring Lake myself, I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who needs some legal guidance.

  • Professional, Bright and Empathic

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amanda

    It was my first interaction with the law and the courts, I managed 32 years without a needing a lawyer or having to interact with the courts, save for that Jury Duty I had one time. The law can seem overwhelming and inundating for someone, like me, who knows very little about it. Everything I know about law I learned from watching Law & Order. Lake explained all the facets of my case to me, and presented all my options in an objective manner, so as to let me decide what the best course of action was. He always responds to my questions in good time. He is a bright and charming individual with a caring disposition, which I feel makes for a lawyer that respects you, your difficulties, your time and your intelligence. Forget all those cliche lawyer jokes you've heard, Mr. Perriguey is a cut above the rest.

  • The best lawyer in Oregon

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica

    Lake is the perfect lawyer and anyone would be lucky if he were to take them on as a client. He is professional and was always hands on and available to answer all of my questions and concerns. Lake did constant research and searched out avenues to help my very complicated year long case. In the end I was awarded custody and will forever be greatful. At times I think I became emotional and he did the right thing by reminding me that my goal was to serve the needs of the children and fighting with my ex would never be productive which in the end I respect him that much more for always remaining neutral and helping keep the peace as much as possible.

  • Disappointed with this attorney's manner

    1.0 star

    Posted by FJ

    I decided not to retain this attorney because of how he handled my initial phone call conversation. He did not introduce himself appropriately, he repeatedly interjected and spoke over me, he focused almost entirely on his reimbursement - not on my needs, and put the phone down on me when I expressed dismay at his approach. While I know business is business, my situation is painful and I would like to find a good, effective attorney who can also be kind, polite and personable.

    Lake James H Perriguey’s response: “I apologize that you did not feel heard and that my manner was unacceptable. Honestly, it was the day after Christmas and I should not have taken the call if I was not ready to be back at work. You did indicate that your husband had all the marital money and you did not know how you would pay for any lawyer. I spent a good part of our conversation attempting to explain to you that there are methods by which the court could order your husband to pay at the beginning of the divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, our styles did not mesh, and you did not appreciate that I was trying to help you. I am sorry.”
  • This guy is great!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Lake was great. He communicated with me immediately when the status of my case changed. He very quickly understood the nature of my case and explained the legal issues to me in simple layman's terms. At crucial points he gave me good advice on choosing a path forward. He is smart and works hard and is passionate about helping his clients. He will be my first call on any legal issue going forward.

  • strongly reccomended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ash

    My experience with Lake was regarding my divorce. I found him to be quick, responsive, and very knowledgeable and informative in the matters of my inquiry. After my first meeting with Lake, I felt assurance and direction in my situation and was far more clear on the process of divorce which can be extremely complicated and overwhelming. He is a STRONG player, he gets straight down to business, and I would absolutely recommend his services.