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  • Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    When I filed for divorce I met with Sean and he went over the divorce process with me and explained the cost estimates along with the timelines. He was thorough with my information and made sure the process went as planned. His charges can the time it took to get divorced was much less than projected. He is a very competent attorney and truly cares about the best interest of his clients. He has a very good office assistant staff and was very accessible when I had questions. I highly recommend Sean for anyone considering a divorce.

    Hired attorney
  • Calming During an Unpleasant Journey

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Suzanne

    Sean and his team were a helpful and calming force in a very unpleasant, anxious time. I know Sean through my personal network, which made it easier for me to find a good attorney. So many "family law" attorneys use their influence to make money off their client's fear and hurt, and Sean did exactly the opposite. He repeatedly talked me back from the brink of litigious mud-slinging, despite the increased income that would have represented for his firm, by saying calming things like "He can't take your kids away from you, let's calm down for a moment," and "Let's try to leave as many avenues open as possible - it's much more difficult to de-escalate." He also respected my decisions while clearly explaining to me what they represented in financial impact. I would whole-heartedly recommend him and the firm to anyone finding themselves in the unpleasant position of needing such advice. That said, save yourself some heartache and hire him for a prenup first.

    Hired attorney
  • Above and Beyond

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amie

    7 years ago was probably one of the worst times of my life and during this time I was not thinking clearly with some of my decisions. Sean not only helped me thru a difficult time but he also was a huge reason that I am where I am today. If it was not for him looking after me not only for the right now but for the future. I never would have thought about things that could come up later on that are now so useful. I cannot thank him enough for everything he did for me and my kids. My biggest advice is listen to your attourney. They know that what you are deciding on now is what is going to be in writing five, ten years from now and your kids will get older and their needs will change. He understands that and is there to think about those types of things when you might just be trying to get thru the day. You will look back on this time and think thank goodness I had someone on my side who had a clear head looking out for me.

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by melody

    After years of watching my son trying to have a normal relationship with his daughter and years of her mother threating to take her from our family finally happened. Not knowing what to do or where to turn and lots of prayers GOD lead us to Sean. After our first meeting he gave us hope. He walked us through this "unwanted journey" never letting my son give up or lose hope. No parent or grandparent should EVER have to wonder if their child is cold/hungry or safe, and for 1 1/2 years 24/7 that was all we thought about. Sean and Jon both really cared about this situation and kept our hope and faith going. Sean got my son "sole custody" and continues this case since we found her.
    His knowledge of family laws, his genuine caring of his clients is remarkable. We would recommend him and his team to anyone. Sean and Jon gave my granddaughter a live of stability and happiness. And my son back his life. Watching my son with both his children is amazing and wonderful. In my opinion Sean under charged and over delivered!

  • Overseas experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimberly

    I engaged Sean Stephens and his team to complete my divorce proceedings. I am currently living overseas so I had to rely on technology connections to work with Sean. This proved to be easy. Sean and his team were all comfortable working via the Internet. They were quick to answer my questions or clarify the process. Their services were caring and professional.

  • More than just an Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    As a young mother, I struggled to hold onto the only thing I found dear to me. I worked hard to provide for my daughter a home during a time where I should have been discovering myself. I was taken advantage of by the one person I loved and trusted, when I was left to pick up the broken pieces alone, I had a fight on two fronts as my ex's parents tried to take my baby girl away from me, holding her hostage and disallowing me to even see her when they had no right.

    When I decided to fight, I did my research and spoke to people about who I should trust with my case. I was given several names, but the only one who really connected with me was Sean Stephens. I was right to name him Champion of my cause, because honestly, that is who he is.

    Sean was with me every step of the way, when I was scared, he gave me confidence. When I made mistakes, he helped me see them and advised me on how to do things right. I was bullied by those who opposed us, but he was there, taking the brunt of it for me. His attitude and his humanity was only overshadowed by his expertise.

    I was afraid all of those legal documents were going to eat me alive, however Stephens and his team were so knowledgeable and precise they explained everything to me in an easy to digest way that made those overwhelming papers seem like lunch. Everything they did was prompt, even when I panicked and called him on his vacation, they all responded in kind with dedication. I never had to question their work and all progression felt just like that, progression.

    During my case, I ended up running out of funds. Sean had gotten the short end of the stick and it seemed like my ex was never going to pay court ordered Attorney fees. I did my best to make payments on his invoice and we kept in communication the entire time. I feel like it was a difficult situation for him but he remained my attorney to the end. It's not about how much you pay per hour, it's about how good they really are. They have all earned that.

    Even to this day, he is happy to take my calls and absolutely ready to fight for me anytime. It has been an honor to write this review for him and the least he deserves for all he had done.

    I still owe you that beer.

  • The right attorney for me!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Walter

    This is the second time that I have retained Sean Stephens for my family legal help, and I will not hesitate to use him again if needed in the future. Sean was truly instrumental in my families happiness, we could not have made it through both the emotional and legal issues that faced us without his help. Sean knows the right people to talk to every step of the way, and that made the whole process that much easier during this emotional roller coaster.......the time saved from him knowing who to call to expedite everything saved a lot of time and headaches. Sean's professionalism was also ultra helpful during one of the most emotional times of my I tend to talk when I should keep my mouth shut. Sean was always there when I had questions or ideas, and if he was not available.....Jon Trause was always there to back him up. Jon Trause was also invaluable to the way things turned out......he was just as professional as Sean Stephens and always checked on facts rather than give false hopes. To sum this all up.....If you are looking for the best attorney in town---look no further than Sean Stephens.

  • A rare, excellent attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    For somebody who's only been divorced once, I have a lot more experience with family law attorneys than most people. First, it took almost three years from the time my ex announced that she was pulling the plug on our marriage to the time we actually got a judgment entered into the record. And second, I went through two lawyers before finally ending up with Sean Stephens.

    I wish I'd started off with Sean. If I had, I'm pretty sure the divorce would have taken a lot less time and cost me a lot less money –– despite the fact that he bills $325/hour.

    As any lawyer you choose should be, Sean is knowledgeable about the law. He's experienced enough to be well versed in the operation of the courts and the law, but he's young enough to care. It's a good sweet spot to be in.

    He's also clear. When I first met him, this struck me as potentially off putting and I decided to go with someone who I didn't think would be as likely to come across as confrontational. Big mistake. Clarity is more important than niceness, especially once my ex fired her first lawyer and chose to bring on Michael McGrath. Look him up. Unless you're willing to go slime ball yourself –– and I'm not –– the best approach when dealing with someone of his ilk is to be clear and demand clarity in return.

    What all lawyers will promise (and few will deliver) is a dedication to your case. My second lawyer did a great job selling himself, but once I signed the retainer agreement I couldn’t get him on the phone. I had to make an appointment to ask him a question and when I came into his office, he’d spend half his time selling me on what a great lawyer he was and the other half not giving me an answer to the questions I asked.

    Sean was the opposite. He usually returned my phone calls within a day –– often within two hours. He answered my questions clearly (there’s that clarity thing again) and if anything, did his best to moderate my expectations. And he was prepared.

    Unlike Lawyer #2, Sean read my case notes (and by the time I brought him on, there were boxes of case notes) and actually synthesized the important information. He didn’t get all the details right off the bat. Who could? But he didn’t jump to conclusions, either. He worked with me to understand not only what the facts were, but what was important to me.

    By the time I brought Sean on, I had been out-lawyered repeatedly by my ex’s lawyer and ignored by my own. I’d spent an ungodly amount of money and had very little left. And I was emotionally drained. The entire process left a foul taste in my mouth that even now, months later, I can’t completely get rid of.

    What Sean did was damage control. He helped salvage what he could. He jumped in at the last minute and tried his best.

    Ultimately, I still got screwed. But I got a lot less screwed than I would have been.

  • The Best Out There - Highly Recommended by a Satisfied Client!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I came to Sean after finding out that I was in need of legal council in a custody case that was very distressful. The urgency of the situation was severe and Sean/his staff made time for me to come in the following morning. I really appreciated how accommodating and supportive they were from the beginning before receiving any financial compensation. When I met with Sean I immediately felt that I could trust him and that he was not just any family attorney. His knowledge and expertise were evident from the start and I hired him immediately. I had worked with an attorney before and knew that Sean was a complete gem. He brought so much more to the table than the other I had seen before. From start-to-finish of a very drawn out and difficult case (lasting nearly two years) Sean has been with me all the way. Not only did he win my case for me when there were some real challenges, but he talked to me on terms that I could understand without throwing a bunch of ORS regulations at me and telling me to do my homework. I am still working with him today, after our case was completed, to wrap up a few things in order to bring even more success my way. He continues to excel in what he does, he is proactive, and we have established a great working relationship. I am extremely pleased with his expertise, confidence, professionalism, and willing attitude. He isn't afraid to advise me on his recommendations even if they are regarding "sensitive" subject matter and he does it in a way that is friendly and good-natured. I believe that more than anything if you are entering into a family law/custody/child support case you need someone like Sean who has the experience, authority, and dedication that it takes to win. He doesn't cut corners and he is willing to put in the time and energy for the long haul. I feel that Sean has educated me along the way so that I am prepared to understand the laws and rights of myself and my child. Do yourself a favor and contact Sean for an initial consultation. The money you spend will be worth it and I believe you will be convinced that he will be your advocate and he knows what it takes to win. It will be money well spent, trust me!!

  • potential Client beward

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I had a disappointing experience working with Sean Stephens. I was trying to settle my issue and felt that Sean just wanted to go to court and run up my bill. He did not copy me on correspondence with the opposing attorney and was very unresponsive when I needed to reach him. When I mentioned his name to other attorneys they grinned and said they would rather not talk about him, but it did not surprise them he just wanted to run to court and use up my retainer. He was late for our meeting at court and even called me by the wrong name. Potential client beware.